Super Spaces designs, produces and delivers a wide choice of modern and contemporary garden rooms throughout Sussex and Kent. Our bespoke insulated garden buildings have an endless potential of possible uses; ranging from garden offices, garden gyms, beauty therapy salons, summer houses, an additional bedroom, or a full granny annex to name a few.

However, our structural insulated panels (SIPs), which we construct our garden buildings with, allow us to be a whole lot more than a provider of garden rooms. Using SIPs panels means we can also carry out any new build projects – whether residential, commercial, or industrial.

Our SIPs are specially engineered panels used to construct walls, ceilings, and floors. Either, as a material for Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), such as offsite manufacturing, or a replacement for traditional construction materials such as framing lumber and insulation.

By using Super Spaces SIPs to construct your new build contributes to the UK Government’s strategy for sustainable construction. This is done by offering a relatively low embodied energy building solution that provides long-term thermal and airtightness performance.

The UK currently has a shortage of houses, especially in the affordable housing category. It is an ongoing issue that the UK Government has tried to address over many years. The issue has yet to be comprehensively resolved, however, Supers Spaces modular building offering is a progressive method of construction that could help. If over time our modern construction method was adopted more, we would achieve the target number of houses needed in a record timeframe.

Our SIPs based buildings are far more eco-friendly, energy-efficient, quicker, and cost-effective ways to build any type of building required in 2021. Super Spaces offer a solution that will drastically improve the number of affordable houses built if these methods are adopted by local councils and affordable home developers.

And because our building kits arrive on-site pre-cut and pre-insulated, a typical house or building can be erected by Super Spaces in as little as 5-7 days. Couple this with the fact they’re not dependant on good site conditions, our modular buildings are ideal for new build projects, not just simply used as a garden room.

Super Spaces is a forward-thinking business that is looking to make modern methods of construction the new normal. The reason we want this change is that our method of building is more environmentally friendly, quicker to build, and cost-effective.

As an example of what is possible with our SIPS panels, below are a few projects that have been carried out using our manufactured panels. The first is a Harbour Masters’ Office, located right on the Felxistowe ferry and the other is an eco-classroom Installation in Knowl Hill in Berkshire.

Because of the SIPs construction, we use both these new builds is guaranteed to be energy efficient, saving money on heating bills – something traditional construction methods would find much more difficult.

Now Just a garden room companyNow Just a garden room companyNow Just a garden room company

Now Just a garden room companyNow Just a garden room companyNow Just a garden room company

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