Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)

At Super Spaces we offer the best insulated garden rooms on the market. We achieve this by building our insulated garden rooms out of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs).

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Insulated Garden Rooms

Building garden rooms with SIPs means that the insulation is part of the structure of the garden room, rather than being fitted as an add on. Therefore, the SIPs that make up the roof, walls and floors all have installation in them, resulting in a super insulated garden room that provides you with a comfortable temperature all year round.

This means that your garden room will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our range of garden rooms are all incredibly energy efficient, drastically reducing energy bills. To find out more about the benefits of our garden rooms click here – Benefits of Garden Rooms

Whether you choose to begin your bespoke room using a template from one of the Super Spaces garden room ranges or choose to design your own structure, your personal input will result in your own bespoke garden sanctuary. The beauty of using SIPs to construct the shell of your garden building is that the design possibilities are endless.

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SIPS Panels

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are an excellent construction solution for contemporary garden buildings. SIPs are lightweight and durable prefabricated panels which are constructed using laminated high-density facings sandwiching an insulated foam core. This results in a flexible building solution which can be used in floors, walls and roofs for both residential garden rooms and commercial garden offices.

To build the main frame of your garden building, we use SIPs, that provide amazing insulation, are sturdy and long-lasting, and allow us to build quicker than a traditional timber framework. SIP panels come in various thicknesses. As standard, we use 100mm boards, which will provide 78mm of insulation. No other product on the market gives such great insulation value at this thickness.

The floor, walls and roof are all also constructed using SIP boards, effectively creating a thermos. We want to be sure that your room in the garden conserves as much energy as possible, so you won’t need to use much heating, even in the middle of winter.

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Benefits of a SIPS

  • Durability (Long Lifespan)

  • Fast Installation

  • High Thermal Performance

  • High Acoustic Performance

  • Protection From Moisture

  • Good Levels of Air-tightness

  • Flexible Design Options

SIPS Garden Rooms

Sustainable Garden Room Construction

By using SIPs to construct your garden building contributes to the UK Government’s strategy for sustainable construction. This is done by offering a relatively low embodied energy building solution that provides long term thermal and air tightness performance.

Super Spaces use a Polyurethane (PUR) sandwiched between layers of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) which gives the panels the structural strength and insulation required. Our SIPS Eco Panels use premium carbon treated Polystyrene as the insulant. PUR achieves a BRE Green Guide rating of A+ (taking into account whole lifecycle impact) and is widely used throughout the construction industry as an insulant. Our SIPS are 98% air, and are fully recyclable.

Our standard panels can achieve u-values from 0.21 down to 0.13 depending on the thickness of the panels we use on your garden room.

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Super Spaces offer a professional and bespoke garden room service throughout Sussex and Kent that caters to your personal requirements and individual business needs. We will work with you to create a bespoke garden studio that is just right for your personal needs and your garden.

Whatever you need the space for, we have the garden studio solution for you. Super Spaces offer our range of fully insulated garden studio rooms throughout Sussex and Kent and the surrounding areas.

Our garden room experts are always on hand and happy to help you select the right garden room or garden building that suits all tastes and requirements. Each of our garden buildings is created with you and your family in mind.

Contact us today on 01797 223 044 to find out how Super Spaces can transform your professional and personal life by supercharging your garden space to meet your needs.

Or why not come and visit our garden studio showroom located in Rye Harbour, East Sussex – Super Spaces Showroom

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