As a nod towards Valentine’s day which has just passed, why not turn your garden into a romantic haven by adding a garden room. Beautiful gardens with complementary accessories have inspired romantics for centuries, from the tranquil lily ponds and hanging willows in Monet’s garden to the lush, full bloom walled gardens of many an English country house.

If you’re a secret romantic, then why not create a peaceful hideaway in an elegant building in your very own garden. From a hidden garden retreat to your very own bar, dance floor, or quiet reading area, let your inner cupid inspire you to create your own little slice of romantic paradise.

Enjoy all the style and comfort of your living room in your garden with a decked-out area to match. Climbing ivy, romantic lanterns, rattan furniture, and billowing linen drapes all could be added to create a seriously romantic garden room.

A Super Spaces garden room is the perfect romantic retreat for couples seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Relaxing downtime can help you better connect. Create your own ‘at home’ spa and enjoy a romantic getaway in the comfort of your own back garden. Making memories together has never been more important. Snuggle up in the back row of your own outdoor cinema. Project your favourite rom-com onto a freshly painted white wall, nestle into a bean bag, lay out rugs and throws – just don’t forget the all-important popcorn.

Garden rooms can also be made into spare rooms or a full annexe, with its own kitchenette and shower room. This then provides you with a private room so you can be alone and have a romantic night together without having to leave your home and go stay in a hotel. Or turn the garden room into your favourite restaurant and have a romantic meal in peace. Restaurants are usually very crowded and noisy, so why not pull up two chairs, light some candles, put on some ambient music, and enjoy the evening together at home.

Maybe you could use your garden room as your very own spa allowing you and your partner to relax and treat yourselves. Set up a vanity with all your favourite face masks and creams, add hooks to hang some towels.

Creating a romantic retreat in your garden is simpler than you might think. You only need a small area, in a cozy area of the garden, perhaps under a tree or a small patio tucked away in the corner. Then by adding a few pretty garden accessories will help you create a more romantic feel to the space.

Our garden rooms are the perfect romantic retreat for couples seeking an escape to a secluded sanctuary where couples can make an extra special effort to show their appreciation and affection to each other. A garden room is the perfect place to spend time with your partner, because what can be more romantic than a cosy little room with a gorgeous view?

Super Spaces garden rooms are beautifully bespoke standalone buildings that sit effortlessly within your garden, Creating more usable space without the cost and disturbance of an extension. All of our garden rooms are fully insulated for all-year-round use and expertly designed to last the test of time.

A garden room by any other name is still a wonderful sunny place to enjoy the outdoors in comfort during any season and enhance the liveability of your home with more living, dining, and relaxation space.

Garden rooms can be seen as an extension of your house. Having a garden room on your property gives you endless possibilities. Our garden rooms are made using SIPS modular structure making them multifunctional and can be converted into anything you like especially a romantic garden retreat.

A dreamy garden room that’s made with one or two of the usages we have suggested and lots of love from us will make your significant other fall head over heels, so now that you know how to get the perfect romantic atmosphere, you can go right ahead and get started on your garden room project by calling us on 01797 223044 or email us at

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