With the UK summer now in full swing and we can now have more people in our houses and gardens due to pandemic restrictions being lifted, there could not be a better time to get a summerhouse for your garden.

A garden summerhouse is perfect for entertaining or relaxing, providing additional living space so you can make the most of your garden in this glorious sunshine we are currently experiencing. A summerhouse can also offer garden storage, be a garden office or even become a studio for writing and crafting. Our garden summerhouses offer a unique place to enjoy your garden with family and friends or simply as a place to relax with a nice cup of tea!

If you’re looking for the perfect garden retreat, why not contact Super Spaces today and let us help you get that ideal summerhouse that suits you and your garden? Our garden summerhouses will provide value to your garden and enhance your day-to-day life. Our range of garden summerhouses comes in a variety of styles and sizes that are sure to please all tastes.


A Summerhouse is a Fantastic Addition to any Outdoor Space

Give your garden that ‘wow’ factor with one of our garden Summerhouse buildings. Stylish, sleek, and contemporary, our garden summerhouses rival others due to being fully insulated, low maintenance, and modern look, finishing off the look of your garden to the envy of your neighbours.

Our summerhouses are manufactured using fully insulated SIPS panels and high-quality materials, to ensure they remain strong, insulated, and weatherproof for many years to come.

A garden summer house is a fantastic addition to any outdoor space, offering the ideal place to help you unwind after a hard day at work. A garden summerhouse building is perfect for entertaining or relaxing, providing additional living space so you can make the most of your garden.

A garden summerhouse can also be a great place to work, manage your work-life balance and reduce your morning commute to a few seconds and arrive with your coffee still warm. Separate your work and home life and get the best of both worlds!

Our garden summerhouses are available in a whole host of different styles and sizes and, with both traditional and contemporary summer houses on offer, there is something for everyone.


Extend Your Living Space with a Summerhouse


Extend your living space into the garden all year round with an elegant and stylish garden summerhouse range. Our premium summerhouses are going to be the focal point of your garden. An ideal environment to admire your flowerbeds and to enjoy your garden. The large wide opening windows and doors can be thrown open to let in plenty of sunlight during warmer days while the toughened glass and fully insulated SIPs panel construction keep the rain out on dreary days.


A Summerhouse Has Many Uses

Summerhouses can be used for a multitude of purposes, not just relaxation rooms. For summerhouse ideas, why not consider converting your garden summerhouse into a garden studio. Summer houses make fantastic garden studios. What better place to create art than in the tranquil setting of your own garden? Or convert your summerhouse into a little reading nook for a place to kick your feet up and relax after a hard day’s work.

Another good use for a garden summerhouse is as a playroom for your children. So if you’re tired of clearing up toys in your house, a dedicated space in the garden could be a superb solution and a great place for the kids to play.

But the possibilities of a garden summerhouse don’t end there, the garden building can also be used as a home office, garden gym, ‘man cave’ or ‘she shed’, library, music room, pool room, gin bar, sunroom, yoga room, TV cinema room, beauty salon and of course general family outdoor living!

So, whether it’s a garden studio or a place to work from home, you’ll find that our garden summerhouses open up a world of possibilities at a fraction of the price of an extension. If you are looking for a room to escape to, or to use as a business/work base, Super Spaces garden summerhouse buildings cover all angles!


A Summerhouse Will Increase the Value of Your Property

Having a garden summerhouse building on your property will not only be beneficial to your everyday life but will also add value to the price of your home. The affordable garden summerhouse buildings act as a way of creating an extra room without the financial strain of building work. Unlike timber-clad summerhouses buildings or summerhouse sheds, our garden buildings require little to no maintenance and are fully insulated so they can be used all year round.


Planning Permission for Summerhouses UK

After looking at the Super Spaces website or our garden room showroom in Hailsham you may have found exactly what you’re looking for, that perfect garden summerhouse to your exact taste and measurements. That’s great!

The good news is that most of our garden rooms and summerhouses don’t require planning permission. This is due to our unique designs that utilise the maximum width and height available to us. Thus, giving you as much space as possible for your garden summerhouse. Although we have a wide range of under 2.5m garden summerhouses, some exceptions may still apply. Hence, it’s vital that you check whether you’ll need planning permission so why not book a site visit with one of our garden room specialists on 01825 872 847.

Super Spaces Garden Retreats

So why not supercharge your garden with a bespoke garden summerhouse from Super Spaces today. Contact us now so we can help create you a garden retreat that you can earn, create, or simply relax in. Whether you’re looking for a traditional garden summerhouse or a modern addition to the garden – we can tailor our garden summerhouse buildings range to best suit all tastes and requirements to create the perfect garden retreat.

Our garden summerhouse retreat experts based at our garden building showroom in Rye are always on hand and happy to help you select the right garden building that suits all tastes and requirements. Now you can let your imagination run wild.

Why not come visit our garden building showroom located on Rye Harbour Road in Rye, East Sussex, or call us today on 01825 872 847

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