Have you ever wished for a room or space at home where you could relax? A room where you could get away from it all?

Home is a physical building, one that has a huge impact on each of our lives. It’s where we spend time with loved ones, live, sleep and socialise. Homes also provide a space where we can focus on our health and wellbeing. But sometimes, there’s not enough space to create a place where we can get away from it all.

When everyone in the family is home at the same time, where can you go to relax? There are many distractions and interruptions which seem to pile up more when you’re just trying to kick back a bit.

Have you ever thought of building a garden room that’s just dedicated to relaxing and helping your well-being? What could be better than a room, out in the garden, that is completely set aside as a place to relax and recoup? A haven where you can turn off your phone, get away from computers, and go off-grid.

So, if you can’t get away from it all by traveling or taking a holiday, then consider creating a garden room that functions as a relaxation space. Use the room to create a sanctuary or urban retreat where you can get away from it all.

Reading, indulging in your favourite hobby, keeping fit, admiring the garden, socialising, spending time with pets out of the house, or just having a shady spot to sit in the summer are all popular garden room uses.

Super Spaces customers use their garden rooms as an escape from the bustle of the main house, the TV, and other electronic devices. Others have converted theirs into a library and reading room and others have made their garden room into a gym.

A relaxation room can take on just about any design and style you’d like. Perhaps you’d like to create a snug garden room. You might consider filling it only with things that provide comfort. The garden is a place to relax and enjoy a bit of nature. So, your garden room could be set up to incorporate plants, which bring nature into the room itself. 

As you can see, there are various ways to use a garden room to create a relaxing getaway. A snug place in the garden that’s dedicated to relaxation and wellbeing—what could be better?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating a relaxation garden room so give Super Spaces a call today on 01797 223 044 to see how we can help you own your own perfect garden retreat!


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Located in Rye, Super Spaces offer a professional and bespoke garden room service throughout Sussex and Kent that caters to your personal requirements and individual business needs. We will work with you to create a bespoke garden room retreat that is just right for your personal needs and your garden.

Whatever you need the space for, we have the garden building solution for you. Super Spaces offer our range of fully insulated garden studio rooms throughout Sussex and Kent and the surrounding areas.

Our garden room experts are always on hand and happy to help you select the right garden room or garden building that suits all tastes and requirements. Each of our garden buildings are created with you and your family in mind.

Contact us today on 01797 223044 to find out how Super Spaces can transform your mental health and personal life by supercharging your garden space to meet your needs.

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