Super Spaces are proud to announce that our manufactured Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) have been supplied to Cambridge City Council to build six modular housing units. The reason for these new modular houses is to help Cambridge City Council combat its “alarming levels” of homelessness.

The six new homes – each measuring 25 sq m – will be built on land adjacent to Christ the Redeemer Church in Newmarket Road in Cambridge. The modular SIPS homes have been specially designed as complete dwellings which will have a separate bedroom, bathroom and utility room, with a shower and washing machine, and an open plan living/kitchen area.

This new SIPS building housing project hopes to lay a path towards solving the issue of homelessness which has been getting ever more severe in Cambridge city for many years. The council hopes these first six modular homes will provide a blueprint for many more small developments around Cambridge.

The SIPS based modular buildings are being built by the social organisation New Meaning which employs formerly homeless people on its projects. John Evans of New Meaning stated:

“We’re doing a similar project in Oxford, it’s all over the country, certainly there’s potential here, the council has welcomed this pilot, so if this goes the way if this goes the way it should we will be looking at maybe up to 20 more of these per year if we can find the sites for the next 10 years even.”

This new move to create homes for the homeless is a joint venture between Allia and the homelessness charity Jimmy’s Night Shelter. Mark Allan of Jimmy’s Night Shelter stated:

“They’re not pods, they’re proper modular homes, high quality, designed to last 50 years, so it’s not low standard, it’s high standard, yes they’re a bit smaller but each individual gets their own home, not sharing with anyone else, they’re self-contained, they’re really good.”

Published On: April 1st, 2021 / Categories: Garden Room Uses, SIPS, Structural insulated panels, Super Spaces News /

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