If you are a fan of Channel 4’s Grand Designs you would know the program is about individuals attempting to design and construct the home of their dreams. You would also know that last night (15th September 2021) a couple by the name of Iain and Jenny built an enormous black, minimalist, rectangular building in the middle of a country estate in the dramatic Scottish countryside. If you are not a fan of this show, missed it (sorry for the spoiler), or simply don’t own a TV then sit back and let us indulge you for a bit. The reason Super Spaces is writing this blog piece is because this episode was of big interest to us, and we wanted to share the love. The SIPS love to be precious.

In this episode of Grand Designs, the couple created a 200 square meters single-story insulated block using structurally insulated panels (SIPS) which Iain the creator branded the “Stealth Box”. So hopefully now you see why we are talking about this program. The building on the show was made using the same structure we use for all our garden rooms. We felt this program helps to showcase the versatility of SIPS panels and what can be created with them, so go have a watch, you can find it on demand if you missed it on All 4.

Grand Designs with SIPS   Grand Designs SIPS

It shows that SIPS are not just material for just building garden rooms, this material is now being used to create gorgeous, fully insulated homes throughout the UK. This isn’t the first time Grand Designs has showcased SIPS panels as a building material to create their homes, they created London’s smallest house with SIPS, Garrie and Sue built their three-story, lifetime home with SIPS, and John and Viv Munn used SIPS to build their new home in Perth, Australia to name a few.

If you are an avid reader of our blog then you will know what SIPS panels are by now and their benefits, but if you’re scratching your head thinking “what’s is a SIPS panel” then here is a brief outline for you.

What are Structural Insulated Panels? (SIPS)

For starters, SIPS stands for structural insulated panels. When you think about what a SIPs panel looks like think about a “Giant Sandwich” ice cream. SIPS panels are made from highly insulating foam, sandwiched between two sheets of structurally engineered timber called Oriented Strand Board (OSB) – a bit like plywood or laminated timber boards.

The SIPs method requires very specific engineering processes which means that each piece is designed and cut in advance and then slotted together in a short time using a ‘jigsaw-style’ approach when on-site – or in a factory-like Super Spaces do!

The reason we used SIPS in our garden rooms and the reason these people on Grand Designs use SIPS is because the product is known for its strength, versatility, and insulation properties which makes it an ideal building material for today’s energy-conscious world. SIPs is one technology that is now helping to reshape the future of housebuilding in the UK.

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