When planning the foundations for a garden building, as a general rule concrete foundations are always considered as the foundation solution first. A tried and trusted method, the popularity of which is certainly justified. However, ground screws offer an alternative and innovative solution which has plenty of advantages over traditional concrete solutions. Here at Super Spaces our foundation of choice for our garden buildings are ground screws. Here we want to lay out why we feel you should choose ground screws over a classic concrete foundation.

Avoids Surface Sealing of the Soil

In comparison to concrete foundations, when using ground screws, we avoid any unnecessary surface sealing of the soil. The advantage of this is the soil ecosystem is not disturbed and it remains intact. In addition, rainwater can trickle down under the foundations directly and no separate drainage channels need to be installed.

Reusable Surface Area and Screws

The use of ground screws means the garden room is classed as a mobile building helping to overcome any planning permission issues. Also, and more importunately to us because it fits into our green sustainability ethos, the ground where the garden rooms sits can be easily used again after the building has been dismantled because there is no concrete to be disposed of. This means that our ground screws leave the ecosystem of the soil intact.

When it comes to sustainability, ground screws are ahead of the game. In comparison to concrete foundations, which first have to be separated and then disposed of at a landfill site after being dismantled, ground screws can simply be unscrewed and then completely recycled. This makes ground screws a very attractive foundation option for both permanent and temporary construction projects.

No Excavation Needed

When building foundations with concrete, extensive excavation and soil moving work are necessary. But this can be messy, it can cause crop damage and the material that has been removed has to be disposed of one way or another. But this is all a thing of the past with ground screws! Ground screws are driven into the ground with lightweight but extremely powerful machines. This means that no waste material is produced, the surrounding area remains largely unaffected, and the soil is not damaged.

Fast Installation

The process we use when using ground screws is very different from that when building concrete foundations. There are multiple process steps involved in building concrete foundations. The ground has to be prepared and the foundations laid down and reinforced even before the concrete can be poured in and sealed. It also must be left to dry for a few days before any load can be placed on it. With our ground screw foundation, the installation time is significantly shorter. The installation can be done quickly and effectively without any major preparations being needed. The foundations can support a load immediately after the installation, which means that there will be no delays in the garden building construction project.


In summary, ground screws are a real, viable alternative to concrete foundations and have many powerful arguments to support them, particularly with regard to the issue of sustainable construction.

Here is our summary of the benefits of using our ground screws and NOT using concrete!

  • No digging foundations meaning NO CONCRETE
  • No mess or damage to your site or the surrounding area
  • Easy to set up
  • Rapid install + Rapid removal
  • Immediately loadable
  • SAVES MONEY compared to conventional foundation methods
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No impact on surrounding environment and watercourses during use or after removal
  • Temporary or permanent use
  • Fully re-usable
  • No landfill waste or requirements

So why not choose our ground screw foundations to provide a solid, level base for your garden rooms. As we have made clear here, our ground screw foundations can be installed without digging or damaging your garden meaning you can enjoy your home office, stunning studio space, or relaxing garden room sooner than you thought.

Avoid the mess, extra cost, and environmental impact, and choose ground screw foundations for your garden building construction project.

Get in contact today on 01797 223044  and arrange a site visit for one of our garden rooms experts to come and talk to you about your garden room needs.

Remember a good project starts with a good foundation.

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